June 24, 2016

Relocation Services

At the Flatlands Real Estate Team we offer specialty consulting and relocation services for Businesses, Corporations, or Membership Groups who need to transfer employees, members, or their corporate offices and business facilities into or out of Saskatchewan.

Our full service relocation packages will help your tranferees at every step. From the original point of contact, all the way until they are 100% settled into their destination city. It does not matter if the transfer is inbound to anywhere in Saskatchewan or Outbound to anywhere in Canada or North America. Our network of service partners is poised to provide professional assistance. Our promise is to take care of all the stress and details when assisting with your corporate or business transfers. So that you can focus on what you do best: Running your business and keeping your employees or members happy.

Book an assessment with us to learn how we can help your organization:

  • Create a custom relocation benefits package for your employees or members.
  • Plan a one-time relocation of your corporate head office, a branch office, or any other type of business facilities.
  • Develop a relocation policy / plan that meets your organizations goals & objectives.
  • Provide a detailed overview of our services and the costs involved.


In today’s business climate remaining competitive, attracting & retaining the best talent is imperative for Businesses, Corporation, and Membership Groups to succeed. We are confident that our relocation packages will take the stress of your organization and keep costs from spiraling out of control.

If you or your organization are going to be moving / relocating in or out of Saskatchewan… We can help, let’s talk!

Katherine Vermette
Relocation Coordinator
Landline: 306-585-0200
Email: katherine@flatlandsTEAM.com