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Moving To Regina

Helpful Things About Moving To Regina

Moving To Regina

Ok, so something’s happened in your life and you’ve now found yourself in a situation where you are moving to Regina, or at the very least seriously considering it. Chances are that you’ve grown up and resided outside of Saskatchewan and have no connections to Regina…. That’s why you’re searching a little online to get some extra information. No problem, we are here to help.

Regina can be a happening place, so don’t worry. Sometimes we can get royal visits, there are lots of local events, tourism attractions, nearby recreational areas (e.g. camping, fishing, etc) and the simple beauty of our land and open skies can be very intriguing.

We’ve put together a list of helpful online resources for you to be aware of and check into as you plan your big move. If there happens to be a topic or something that is missing from this list feel free to contact us.

Helpful Things & Information About Moving To Regina:

Change of address service:

  • is a made in Saskatchewan solution to allow residents to notify multiple organizations of their move all at once (including utility providers).




  • Regina is a well developed community with a variety of housing options (e.g. urban lofts, apartments, townhouses, multi-family, single detached homes, etc..). There are also very little ownership restrictions for newcomers. The housing inventory available for sale is predominately listed on (our website is also syncronized with this listing). Renting a home is also an option, the rights and responsibilities between Tenants and Landlords is regulated by the Office of Residential Tenancies. Unfortunately the available rental housing inventory is not listed on any central database or website. This puts a considerable amount of legwork onto your shoulders to search for a rental home, because of this we recommend for newcomers to work with a reputable property management company for assistance with this process.
    • Buying a home – Contact us for advice
    • Renting a home – Contact us to be referred to a trustworthy property management firm.

Municipal / Local Government:

  • The City of Regina is governed by an elected council that can hire staff to manage daily administration and maintain municipal services (e.g. roads, utilities, policing, zoning, recreation facilities, etc..).



  • Regina has a well established tourism industry. Tourism Regina would be a great place to start to learn about popular spots to eat, drink, and play in the area.


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