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The Flatlands Real Estate Team is a team of professional REALTORS® proudly serving the Saskatchewan real estate market. They are based out of Regina, Saskatchewan in the CENTURY 21 Dome Realty Inc brokerage office and specialize in residential homes & condos, commercial sales & leasing, cottage and recreational properties, as well as farm & acreage real estate.




Interesting Facts About The City of Regina

Did You Know That Regina…


  • Our city is the home of more than 350,000 hand-planted trees! That is a-lot of dedication and makes our city beautiful!
  • Regina is the closest Canadian city to the geographical center of North America!
  • The RCMP Depot and Heritage center is located right in Regina, which means we are the home of the RCMP cadets who are in training and come here to become members!
  • The first settlers came here in the 1880’s to hunt roaming buffalo, with settlement beginning in 1882!! What a neat part of our history!!
  • The City’s ORIGINAL name was one that you might of heard around town before – Pile of Bones. Of course this was assumed not to be a good name for the city, so in late 1882 it was renamed to Regina!
  • In June of 1903 our population finally grew over 3,000 and officially became a city, and in 1905 we officially became a province!


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