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Join in on the fun with Regina’s Big Bike event to raise money for the Heart & Stroke Foundation!

June 22, 2017 The Heart & Stroke Foundation is hosting the Big Bike ride! If you don’t know what it is don’t worry, I’ll be sure to fill you in!

The Big Bike is a 29 seat bike to raise money for life-saving research to help those in need and create more survivors! All you have to do is…

  • Create a by registering at
  • Recruit 28 other riders.
  • Each individual must raise at least $50 to ride.
  • As a team leader you may also receive incentives based on how much you raise!
  • Show up day of, and ride!

The event will be happening at Wascana Park in Regina, Sask., and there are limited spots available for teams so register as soon as possible to secure yours! Be part of an amazing, unique way to help save lives!

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