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VIDEO- Disclosure – What Do Sellers And Salespeople Need To Disclose - Flatlands Real Estate Team

If you are a property owner and have decided to enter the market, you may have been wondering what your disclosure requirements are. Disclosure is a very complex topic and each situation can be very different from the next. If you need advice we recommend that you reach out to a professional for specific advice.


Here is a good video on the topic of disclosure and what sellers and salespeople need to disclose when selling properties.


The key lessons to remember from this video are:

  • Patent or visible defects do not need to be disclosed
  • Latent or hidden defects need to be disclosed by the seller
  • Psychological stigmas do not have to be disclosed
  • Be wary of sellers who ask you not to disclose



Mark Weisleder is a Partner, author and speaker at the law firm Real Estate LLP. Contact him at or toll free at 1-888-876-5529

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